ZIBA | New Video Released

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Ode to a Hamster | Music Video Released

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The Lion & The Hamster | Released 28th May 2017

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  • ZIBA | New Video Released
  • Ode to a Hamster | Music Video Released
  • The Lion & The Hamster | Released 28th May 2017

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Maro Gaam (Gujrati song - Manthan)

Fiddler’s Green talks about folklore of the world through songs of the South Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories: of shires in Middle Earth, of deserts in West Africa, merging with the streets of Havana and Puerto Rico or the wild trekking trails of Nepal or even, the Appalachian mountains.

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7th April 2018: Live with Fiddler's Green | 9:00 PM onwards | Depot48, Delhi

20th April 2018: Depot48 Presents Ziba | 9:00 PM onwards | Depot48, Delhi

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