Fiddler's Green

Fiddler's green talks about folklores of the world through songs of the south Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories of the shires in middle earth, running through the deserts of West Africa, merging with the streets of Havana and Puerto Rico or the wild trekking trails of Nepal or the Appalachian mountains.

Pan Asian folk forms like Bhatiyali, Baul, Fakiri, Bhadu, Tushu,Bihu, Goalpariya, Murshidi, Nepali Gandharva tunes, Sindhi Fakiri Qalams, Goan folk etc etc freely mixed with Celtic traditional tunes, blue grass standards, Jewish folk, afro-cuban guaguancos and rumbas or manuche melodies from an acoustic unplugged sound of the mandolin, nylon string guitar, ukuleles, kazoo, tenor guitar and world percussions ... A unique blend of different folk sub genres ... A very gentle and intelligent blend of Fakiri music from Bengal and Sindh with Bill Monroe and W B Yates ... Songs close to music lover's hearts, songs of the wild, songs of love ...

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The band has collaborated with the famous Irish harp player and singer Anna Tanvir and Yann Beaujeoun, a French Gypsy jazz guitar player along with several other musicians from France and England.

ARKO MUKHAERJEE - Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Kazoo
SHAMIK CHATTERJEE - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
DIPTANSHU ROY- Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Dotara
RITOBAN LUDO DAS - Indian & Afro Latin Percussions


02Careless Love

03Resham Firiri

04Gentle On My Mind

05Durer Balaka


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