Arko & Naomi

A completely new jam project of these two travelling musicians. Naomi Jean is a composer, singer and percussionist who also plays flutes and various invented instruments that she co-creates.

Her original music is an alchemy of eclectic influences and lateral creativity, incorporating textural sounds, elliptic melodies and asymmetric rhythms. Naomi leads the ensemble, Alice Orchestra, where a changing cast of musicians twist strands of folk, jazz and psychedelic-rock into expansive instrumental journeys layered with evocative voices. this is mostly about bootlegs and snippets that come out of travelling togther as friends.

Arko Mukhaerjee and Hari Maharjan Ensemble | Timro nai maya | Kolkata to Kathmandu | Rooftop Live
Timro nai maya, jam with Arko & Naomi

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Arko's official name is Arka Mukherjee.
However as an artist he chooses to use the name Arko Mukhaerjee.

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