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Arko has been a popular playback singer in Kolkata for Bengali films and tv serials. He has worked with different music directors of the city and have produced chartbusters like Maula(Madly Bangalee – Anjan Dutt), Nodi Bhora Dheu(Jiyo Kaka – Parambrata Chatterjee) and Jodi Akasher Gaaye(Nirbaak – Srijit Mukherjee), He is the singer of the title track of the popular reality show from Kolkata called Dadagiri, hosted by the very popular ex Indian cricket captain, Sourav Ganguly. Arko is the music director of the upcoming Bengalifeature film Teenanko, directed by Bithin Das, a veteran cinematographer and film maker from Mumbai. He has also composed several jingles for various ad campaigns like, Anmol biscuits, Ganesh Grains, Prandhara packaged drinking water, etc etc.

Some of the popular songs sung by Arko for various film and television productions.

  • Dadagiri Title Track – Zee Bangla
  • Icche Gulo – Cross Connection, 2009 – Dir -Abhijit Guha – Sudeshna Ray
  • Maula – Madly Bangalee, 2009 – Dir -Anjan Dutt
  • Tania – Madly Bangalee, 2009 –Dir – Anjan Dutt
  • Nodi Bhora Dheu – Jio Kaka , 2011 – Dir -Parambrata Chatterjee
  • Jiyo Kaka Title Track – Jio Kaka , 2011 – Dir -Parambrata Chatterjee
  • Yeh Zindagi – Ganesh Talkies, 2013 – Dir -Anjan Dutt
  • Aalo Aay – Hercules, 2014 – Dir – Abhijit Guha – Sudeshna Ray
  • Jodi Aakasher Gaaye Kaan Na Pati – Nirbaak, 2015 – Dir – Srijit Mukherjee
  • Leelabali – Cross Connection 2, 2015 – Dir – Abhijit Guha – Sudeshna Ray


Letter to the Lord

Letter to the Lord | Arko Mukhaerjee | অতিথি ভালোবাসা | Original | Arinjoy Sarkar | Darjeeling

This is an original song written and composed by Arko Mukhaerjee. It talks about loss, depression and surrender.

For lyrics click on subtitles

Recorded at Blue Monk Inc. Kolkata
Mixed and Mastered by Sourav Bagchi

Shot by Shivam Darnal and Salim Shetling Subba, Darjeeling
To contact them here is the page

Edited by Negacy Angom
To contact her for shoots and edits here is her page :

subtitles done by Arnab Bhattacharya

Special thanks to Rev. Roshan Thapa, Union Church and Mr. Vikas Pradhan and the entire team of Revolver, Darjeeling

All rights owned by

Music Videos From Album: Five

1. FIVE | Arko Mukhaerjee | Chol Mini Assam Jabo | Music Video
2. FIVE | Arko Mukhaerjee | Paal Uraiya De | Music Video

Music Videos From Album: The Lion and the Hamster

1. Arko Mukhaerjee | Ode to a Hamster | The Lion and the Hamster| Music Video

Music Videos: Ziba

1. Ziba – The Kabir Jam | Jamsteady X Blooperhouse Studio Sessions

Music Videos: Ashram

1. Ashram ft. Arko Mukhaerjee – Manush Ekta Koler Gari | Jamsteady (Music Video)

Music Videos: Fiddler’s Green

1. Medley | Fiddler’s Green
2. Shoingey Liboh | Fiddler’s Green

Music Videos: Crossover & Barista

1. Bombay Meri Jaan

Ekul Bhange – Bijoya (Bengali film) 2018

1. Ekul Bhange Okul Gawre | Bijoya | Kaushik Ganguly | Arko | Indraadip Das Gupta | Dohar | Abir | Jaya

Khodar Banda – Rosogolla (Bengali film) 2018

1. Jodi Aakasher Gaaye – Nirbaak 2015
2. Nodi Bhora Dheu – Jiyo Kaka 2011

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Arko's official name is Arka Mukherjee.
However as an artist he chooses to use the name Arko Mukhaerjee.

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