Bondhur Bari

The album tries to bring about the feeling of singing in one’s own home/room/practise space, everything recorded live with hardly any alterations done later.

Arko Mukhaerjee Collective

This is an effort to bring musicians under a common organic platform of open free music sharing each other’s influences from around the world.


ZIBA is a world music outfit conceptualised by the Indian guitar virtuoso Mr. Amyt Datta and five of the most diversely talented musicians coming together for life, love and roots.

Fiddler’s Green

Fiddler’s green talks about folklores of the world through songs of the south Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories.


“FIVE” is about exploring Five folk music forms that has inspired Bengali traditional music over the last five decades, through five musical collaborations.


A face of new India sound, Ashram is one of the first bands from east of India to fuse electronica with Indian traditional root-tribal-ethnic tunes/songs.

The Lion & The Hamster

The Lion and The Hamster – a modern day fairy tale, told through a set of eight instrumental pieces.
Each piece has a tale weaved around it alongside a hand drawn illustration.

Ghater Kotha

Ghater Kotha is a humble effort to explore a few folk songs of Bengal through a contemporary as well as traditional mix of instruments as well as folk forms from around the world.

Crossover & Barista

The musical exchange between Anna Tanvir and Arko Mukherjee reflects multi­cultural society across the world today. In the musical journey they take together.

Music Videos & Films

Arko has been a popular playback singer in Kolkata for Bengali films and tv serials. He has worked with different music directors of the city and have produced chartbusters like Maula.

Documentaries & Research

In 2013, during his first trip to Bangladesh, Arko met an influencial journalist called Munni Saha, head of new reporting at ATN News in Dhaka.

The Arko & Hari Ensemble

Arko Mukhaerjee has recently started to collaborate with one of the most well known virtuoso guitarists from Nepal, Mr. Hari Maharjan, the man behind the nepal.

Arko & Nishad

Nishad Pandey is a phenomenal experimental jazz guitarist with unique ideas of his own that helps this duo of two friends to build an esoteric , eccentric sounscape.

Arko & Naomi

A completely new jam project of these two travelling musicians. Naomi Jean is a composer, singer and percussionist who also plays flutes and various invented instruments that she co-creates.

Bootlegs & Home Sessions

Arka Mukhearjee bootlegs & jamming sessions with various musicians across the globe.

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Arko's official name is Arka Mukherjee.
However as an artist he chooses to use the name Arko Mukhaerjee.

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